Sunday, September 3, 2017

5.0 Mustang belt routing

Found this on the web ages ago, not mine, but thought it might be useful for someone else.

92 LX 5.0 - build sheet

1992 Mustang LX Coupe, White with titanium cloth interior. Always garaged. Loaded with options, except for rear defroster and power seats. 

Loved this car, sold in '08 or so.

  • Original 5.0L V8 engine.
  • Powerdyne 6# supercharger
  • Mac 1-5/8" long tube headers
  • Mac H-pipe w/ Hi-Flow cats
  • Magnaflow stainless mufflers
  • Dynomax stainless pipes
  • Motorsport wires
  • Mark VIII fan/radiator
  • 130 amp 3G alternator with 150 amp marine grade fuse and heavy gauge wiring
  • 190lph Walbro fuel pump
  • 157k miles 
  • T-5 
  • Motorsport 3.73 gears 
  • Rebuilt Trac-lok
  • Brand new clutch cable with new adjustable quadrant
  • Pro-5.0 shifter with Cobra leather shift knob
  • 4 wheel disc, 5 lug conversion
  • '96-'97 Cobra wheels
  • 17x8 front w/brand new 245/45 Sumitomo HTR ZII's (500 miles)
  • 17x9 rear (widened by The Wheel Shoppe) w/275/40 Kumhos (New Nitto DRs going on soon)
  • '94-'95 spindles
  • '94-'95 master cylinder
  • '99+ GT dual piston PBR brakes (calipers/brackets/rotors/hoses/pads)
  • M-2300-K brake booster 
  • '94-'98 GT rear brakes (pads/axles/new rotors)
  • Correct e-brake retrofit cables and modified e-brake assembly
  • Ford HD brake fluid
  • MM coilovers w/400# springs
  • '00 Cobra R Bilsteins
  • Steeda X2 balljoints
  • Poly LCA and sway bar endlink bushings
  • MM caster/camber plates
  • Steeda aluminum steering rack bushings
  • Flaming River steering shaft
  • Fresh tie rods
  • Adjustable ride height lower control arms with poly in one end, rod ends in the other
  • Bilsteins
  • Fresh stock UCAs 
  • Jeff B's Matrix brace subframes
  • CD/MP3 player
  • NR Auto white face gauges
  • Autometer Phantom mechanical oil pressure and water temp gauges in a-pillar
  • Corbeau Carrera seats
  • Custom mounted '86-'88 Ford Ranger spoiler for increase cooling and aesthetics
  • 2" fiberglass HO Fibertrends cowl hood
  • '93 Cobra grill insert
  • New headlights/front markers
  • All "5.0" and "LX" badges removed
  • Semi-synthetics throughout
  • New window and door moulding

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Holley 4180c Upgrades

Hey gang, the 83 project is finally making noise again! I got the suspension all back in, alignment set, new brakes in and bled, and the Holley 4180c carburetor rebuilt to get it running again after its 6-7 year hibernation. The carb runs beautifully now and I'd wanted to share my parts list in case anyone is looking for information in the future on what to do with these things:

  • Carb rebuild kit: Holley 3-1346 Carburetor Renew Kit
  • Holley Secondary Metering Block Conversion Kit 34-6 Holley 34-6 Metering Block
  • 30CC Accelerator pump diaphragm: Holley 135-5 Rubber Accelerator Pump Diaphragm
  • Accelerator pump squirter: Holley 121-131 Straight Accelerator Pump Discharge Nozzle
  • Nitrophyl floats (x2) Holley 116-1 Nitrophyl Side Hung Float
  • Holley Viton Inlet Needle .110 (x2) Holley 6-504 Viton Inlet Needle
  • Holley Jet (primary) Holley 122-63 .062" Carburetor Standard Main Jet - Pack of 2
  • Holley Jet (secondary) Holley 122-72 Standard Main Jet - Pair
  • Single stage power valve: Holley 125-105 Single-Stage Standard Flow Power Valve

    Many thanks to the guys hanging out over on That's where I gathered the information to put this parts list together.
  • Friday, September 30, 2016

    tim henderson

    So, a little O/T, but I just created a new site for my dad Tim Henderson and his Texas folk music. Tim Henderson was an amazing Texas folk singer/songwriter, and we put together a legacy collection box set to celebrate his life and music. Go check it out!